Lissy & Belle Logo

The very talented Issabelle Summers approached me to design a new logo for her photography venture, Lissy & Belle Photography. Her work is bright, colourful, quaint in essence and strong in its use of the natural landscape, Summers was also drawn to the hand rendered aesthetic, so it felt right to reflect this personality in the logo by creating something heavily hand drawn and organic in feel.

Lissy & Belle Logo

The fonts chosen were Magnolia Sky and Winsor Hand, clean, script typefaces that we would then draft the illustrations around.

Magnolia Sky Winsor Hand

To create the logo I drafted several ink features, quick and spontaneous, and chose the strongest forms to then develop. The rainbow transformed from something more uniform, to the fun, splattered copy that reflects the reactive nature of documenting children. The natural forms reflect both light and changeability, and the earthy and tangible.

Lissy & Belle Shell

Lissy & Belle Starfish

The final logo is a transparent image that can be used as a watermark as well as for branding. With hand-drawn ligatures and a semi opaque rainbow that allows the logo to adjust to its placement.

Lissy & Belle Logo