An illustration created for my son’s fellow September 2015 baby, Ozzy. His mum is a diver so it felt appropriate to have a bit of…


Ever get tired of plodding along the bottom of the ocean? Grab the reins and ride ’em, cowperson!


Draft skateboard decks… WIP, more to come!

Wedding Invitation

An innocent and clean illustration created for a wedding invitation.


A tribute to Gustavo “Gus” Fring, from Breaking Bad, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito, finger painted in acrylics.

Breaking Sharpies

Walter White AKA Heisenberg from Breaking Bad created completely using Sharpie markers.

Little Boxes

“Little Boxes” was painted on a reclaimed cardboard box, adapting the idea from the Pete Seeger song, it was exhibited at the Boscombe Community Center for…


Two graphite illustrations of the clients lop eared rabbit, Bonnie.

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