Ange’s Brow & Waxing Business Identity

Ange’s Brow and Waxing had an existing logo and brochure but wanted it revitalised along with the creation of a business card before their 1st anniversary celebration. The existing tri-fold brochure used a serif font, had a lack of hierarchy and uniformity for the various services and needed more of a sensual feel befitting a woman’s only beauty studio.


Ange's Photography


The existing logo was originally an orange and pink colour that I changed on the client’s request to a gold and deep red, tracing a vector around the outlines then applying a new gradient by hand. It made it stronger, more feminine and less “girly”.


Logo Colour Change


The typefaces used were Candlescript Demo and Geo Sans Light. Chosen for both the desired sensuality of a script font that complimented the existing logo, and the legibility in small point of a clean, open sans serif. The red was taken from the strongest colour in the logo, and the grey a derivative of that. By using grey, the smaller font was easier on the eye and the red hue kept it warm, so the brochure would remain welcoming when held and read.

Candlescript DemoGeo Sans Light

After experimentation with illustrated flowers, it became apparent that the crispness of photography was best suited to reflect the strengthening services provided at the studio. On choosing a stock image, I enhanced it and cleaned the background and shadows.


Rose Comparison


After formulating and executing the typographical hierarchy several elements of the body as in the original leaflet needed to be reworked so that popular services were more present in the hand, whilst the luxury packages were elusively tucked away in the final fold and upheld by an abbreviation of the logo. The new structure required more space to remain uniform, which proved to be the biggest challenge.


Front Side


Reverse Side


The business card was designed to be both simple, and practical, allowing up to three appointments to be recorded on the reverse, and encouraging retention.


Business Card


In addition to my design services, I photographed the aniversal celebration for use on their website and social media accounts, capturing both structured photographs before the guests arrived, and candid shots while the celebration was underway. There were some truly touching moments, which I will leave at their discretion to post, but it was wonderful to see a family-run business creating its own community. Below are some of the photographs, as posted by Ange’s Brow and Waxing.