River and Jack
River Darling graduated with a BA (Hons) in Visual Communication from the Arts University in Bournemouth, after completing a Diploma in Art & Design specialising in hand-rendered animation. Her previous studies at Brockenhurst College included Fine Art, Ceramics and Photography, alongside English Language and Psychology.

She is fascinated by the semantics of colour, often using surreal colours to create recognisable and oddly realistic hierarchies. The other contrast in her work is the amalgamation of her experience with both digital and traditional mark-making. Her experience in graphic design creates a desire for bold, crisp strokes within her paintings and illustrations alongside the romantic appreciation of spontaneous marks and the tangible presence of the human hand. The fine balance where both mediums meet in strength are a fascinating and ever-evolving challenge.

Growing up in both Dorset and Hampshire, River spent a lot of her childhood surrounded by nature and became fascinated with animals and their behaviours. There is therefore often an anthromorphic quality to her references of animals. She keeps ducks and has a particular fondness for birds.

Her young sons influence both her bright, tactile animal portraits, wanting to surround them with works both accessible and visually stimulating, and her pencilled children’s illustrations.

Please contact regarding the availability of any existing pieces, or for personal commissions.


BA (Hons) Visual Communication
FdA Visual Communication
FDip Art & Design



“Little Boxes”
Boscombe Centre for Community Arts. April 2012.

“The Ugly Duckling”
Moving, Arts University Bournemouth. June 2013.

“Fake Smile #1″, “Edwin”, “Smug”, “Enchanted”
Bonita Art Gallery, Southbourne, Bournemouth, April 2017.